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If the top statement is true, the code inside the if block runs.

Else, the code in the else block runs, like so: Programmers know how to think about cause and effect.

If they take a certain action, then they’re likely to receive a certain output.

What’s more, programming demands that you keep track of a lot, and failing to display it all cleanly can quickly turn into a tangled mess.

Programming jobs are in demand across most industries, and knowing how to code is a massively valuable skill in today’s world.

Chances are, when you’re seeing a programmer, they won’t have any trouble in this area.

No matter who you go on a date with, they don’t click with you. Here are 10 reasons why dating a programmer is a ton of fun.

Programmers make for awesome dates and life partners.

Getting your printer to work Another pillar of good coding is clear communication.

This is often accomplished by programmers leaving comments in their code.

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