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which indeed saved all the Prussian Territories in this Neighbourhood from desolation".In February 1763, the two Treaties of Hubertusburg and Paris brought an end to the Seven Years' War.Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, where he acquired a considerable fortune.He acted as consul to Kings George II and George III in Danzig during the Seven Years' War and until his death in 1780.Among many other things he reported on the trade in timber intended for the building of warships and on the crippling taxation being imposed on the city of Danzig.Corry was given the title "Baron to the Throne of Poland" on 20 October 1773 by the King of Poland, Stanisław II Augustus. They were probably taking part in the policy of colonisation known as the Plantation of Ulster where English and Scottish Protestants were sent as colonists to Ireland.

Many of the reports were concerning the complex political and military developments happening in and around Poland in general and at the port of Danzig in particular.

we may soon hear of a second Engagement, which will probably decide in whose hands Koningsberg shall remain this Winter.

During the winter of 1757 to 1758 the Russians occupied East Prussia including the area around Danzig, where they remained until 1762.

have ordered all the Guards to be doubled & the City Gates to be shut at four O'Clock in the Evening".

From around the end of 1760 until the summer of 1761 Corry was in England.

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