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This is the "North Country;" a term for an outlier region of the state beyond the tundras of Syracuse, Albany, and even Rochester.

This label draws a geographical line in the sand between here and the misnamed "upstate" provinces of places like Westchester and the cultures therein.

In five years in New York City, I can't even name more than one person from any of the apartment buildings I lived in.

But in Redwood, like rural outposts all over the US, I knew about people's love lives before we'd even been introduced.

Everyone just knows all kinds of stuff about all kinds of people. They'll be at the bank, grocery store, bar, post office, or convenience store.

And what this couple -- and so many other estranged couples in the area -- go through becomes fair game for barroom conversation forever. I've never had a first date here and not heard from the person again.

I've never suffered through a date in the country that felt remotely close to the endless reel of interview-like coffee dates my metropolitan friends drag themselves to.

If you don't already love the outdoors, you'll learn to -- fast. Those high heels I used to wear for a night out in the city were albatrosses when I had to hoist myself in or out of the full-sized F-150s my dates picked me up in. No hipsters, futurists, or any other insane fashion trend popping off on magazine covers.

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I knew this because everyone in town was abuzz about it, whispering about her -- and her husband, and what would happen when he came home.

People whispered about me; made up stories about my conquests.

Once upon a time, when I first moved here after years of living as an anonymous New Yorker, being perceived as this interesting felt flattering.

Now, going out with guys in other, busier parts of the world where chivalry is lacking, is strange.

This whole "I don't want my date to know where I live because he/she might be a serial killer" thing just doesn't exist out here. ) for anyone you go out with, you're basically guaranteed to come out of the encounter unscathed.

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