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- all together its plot was much more creative and enjoyable. Especially Jo Hyun- Jae, Seo Hyun- Jin, Seo Woo, Lee Jae-Ryong. I just really wished that at the end, Su Baek Hyang would wear royal robes.

But by the end of the day: I am unable to watch again Emperess Ki apart from the first 20 episodes but able to watch again King's Daughter anytime (in fact I've just started it). First I was afraid because of the length but I really enjoyed it all along. Just wished we would see Su Baek Hyang wearing wedding's dress or queen's dress and gave us joy and a very happy ending. It's serious but comes with many funny moments that crack me up, especially the older Prince and those ex-bandits brother-like buddies. The life of the mute stepfather is incredibly cool. King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang is the top rank of my period drama and the best drama for 2013-2014.

A viewer would never become bored if other dramas of this genre added some light comedy as well.

Great writing was also very much present in King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang. It's quite obvious that kind-hearted Seol-Nan is the protagonist and her sister Seol-Hee is the evil foil.

I was most impressed with the acting in this drama.

It was well cast with some veteran sageuk actors and newcomers to the genre.

King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang is one of the most entertaining dramas I have seen in a long time.

It could it even be used as a framework for how to create an entertaining drama.

The upright yet dashing Prince Myung Nong's foil is Prince Jin-Moo who is charming but devilish.It was one of the best dramas with powerful screenplay and directing! I am sorry aa, Empress Ki was interesting till the 20th episode or so. Being as righteous as she's played out to be, she shd not let the prince suffer by keeping the secret. if Solan really cared about her sis, she should end Solhi's dream by breaking the secret , and drag her away together from the palace like she said earlier. and not to mention how stupid the Elite Band is compare to the mountain girl Solhi.korean script writers really like to shoved this kind of rubbish down viewers throat?But it was poorly written, after 20th episode writer shortened JJM parts (who was a big pulling character of the drama for me) and however acting was good in most of the part (I especially loved Tal Tal's), some part was terribly boring, the 'filler' parts with supporting characters especially and whole drama went uninteresting with the constant struggling-whining-crying of the coward emperor (however his acting was just superb I admit). I just finished this drama, and it is my favorite now!Hope to see all the original actors/actresses in the future... Actually all actors in this drama performed very good.possibly a Su Baek Hyang The Kings Daughter Part 2 I watched this drama to check out Jeon Tae Su because he is brother of Ha Ji Won. But the one who caught and held my attention is actor Jo Hyun Jae (Myung-Nong).

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