Dating in beni bolivia

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The importance of cattle ranching is prominent in the regional culture.

Cowboys, or "vaqueros", still play an important role in Beni society, comprising a large portion of the working class.

In the 21st century, archeologists and anthropologists such as Americans Clark Erickson and William Balée, respectively, believe these earthwork structures are evidence of a large and sophisticated indigenous civilization that flourished for thousands of years before European colonization.

The first European settlers in this area were Spanish Jesuit missionaries during the 18th century, sent to convert the native inhabitants, chiefly in the southern half of the department.

The Beni region is wide and flat, featuring many large mounds connected by straight earthen causeways, which are believed by researchers to have been built by ancient inhabitants.

The earthwork mounds provide raised living areas and enable the growth of trees that could not survive otherwise in the frequently flooded lowland area.

Beni, câteodată și El Beni, este unul dintre cele nouă departamente din Bolivia, localizat în partea nord-estică a statului (în partea de câmpie).

), sometimes El Beni, is a northeastern department of Bolivia, in the lowlands region of the country.It is the second-largest department in the country (after Santa Cruz), covering 213,564 square kilometers (82,458 sq mi), and it was created by supreme decree on November 18, 1842 during the administration of General José Ballivián. With a population of 420,000 (2006 census), Beni is the second least-populated of the nine departments of Bolivia, after Pando.Although Beni is rich in natural resources, the poverty level of its inhabitants is high, mainly as a result of centuries of exploitation of native populations by European-descended elites.Your Beni, Bolivia google satellite map sightseeing starts now!This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.

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